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Celebrity Cruise lines for Vacation Momma


Since the dawn of time we have used boats to explore unknown worlds. Once we found these unknown worlds, we commenced trade routes which connected different cultures and spread goods and knowledge thru-out the world. This sparked growth and drove people and economies to wealth.

This was a great way for immigrants to travel to America. In the mid 1900's more people began to travel for leisure. Really, it was only the rich that could travel like that. But over time more ships were built and more people could afford to travel to exotic destinations thru out the world!

Celebrity Cruises are owned and operated by Royal Caribbean. The company was created to offer more destinations with slightly smaller boats. With a smaller vessel people can visit destinations that are off the beaten path. Like some of the smaller islands in the Caribbean. With a large expanse of destinations the possibilities are endless.

Cruising in this day and age is much different than what is was back in the 'golden ages' of cruising. It's so much better! Try your luck in the Vegas style casino that are onboard most of the Celebrity cruise ships. Get a chance to climb a rock wall, or just watch the sunset over the ocean.

Cruising is for everyone, not just couples or seniors. On a Celebrity Cruise you will find something that is bound to suit your interests. For singles, they will find that it's much easier to meet new people and converse with other travelers.

What is most thrilling about Celebrity cruises are the famous ports-of-call. Most people think of a cruise as a ship that takes you to private islands in the Caribbean, but the truth is that cruises are very popular in cooler destinations like Alaska or Norway.

But, cruising is not all about the destinations anymore; it's about the activities on board. You can watch a movie in the state of the art movie theater that are onboard most of the ships. Maybe you're cruising to relax; you can melt all of your worries like cheese in the fondue at the buffet with the five star spas that are on the ship.

There is nothing like a cruise, especially a Celebrity cruise. What is very different about this cruise line are its staterooms. These rooms are very spacious and provide a great resting place from all of the excitement on the ship. Most people don't spend much time in the room, but having a little bit more space makes you feel more at home.

This of course makes you more comfortable and free to do whatever your heart desires. If the ships that Celebrity has already do not fit your bill, they are introducing 4 more ships to there fleet. Solstice which will be introduced in the fall of 2008; Equinox which will be introduced in summer of 2009; Eclipse will set for sail in the summer of 2010 and one final ship that has yet to be named. That ship will be launched in fall of 2011.

As of right now Celebrity Cruise Lines travels to over 50 ports of call and they set sail daily to provide the most convenience. So whether you want to let your hair down in the Bahamas or bundle up to watch gigantic glaciers in Alaska, you are sure to be impressed with the incredible service and sights that you will get on a Celebrity Cruise. If you want to cruise like a celebrity and live a life that is fit for a king   (even if only for a week), you can do it on a Celebrity Cruise! Don't just sit there, go and see the world!